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4 Ways I Find Restaurants Near Me

June 27, 2014 | By | No Comments

You’re in a city you don’t know very well and you’re hungry. You could spend an hour or more trying to find a meal with all of the restaurant apps, GPS maps, and dining websites out there. But who wants to spend that kind of time searching when you could be eating a delicious meal instead?

Here are the four ways I quickly find restaurants near me. Use them on your next family vacation, road trip, or business trip.

Ask Siri

Find Restaurants Near Me

Siri is the best way to leverage Google’s data to find nearby restaurants.

This option is especially useful if you need to be hands-free while driving. Google has the most reviews and data about restaurants in every city but it’s not very accessible. Just ask Siri for the best restaurants near you. You’ll get a list of restaurants with reviews and lots of other information.

If you’re like me, you often forget that you have a personal assistant on your iPhone. I have been using Siri a lot more lately to find restaurants near me.

Ask A Local

Everyone loves being asked about their favorite restaurants. Ask anyone from the random woman on the sidewalk to the guy at the hotel front desk and they are almost always happy to point tourists in the right direction.

In fact, when I asked this of a stranger in Chicago last year, he gave me a great recommendation and then handed me a card for a free entree. You never know!

You will get better recommendations if you specify a price range, cuisine, or know if you’re in the mood for fast food or a sit-down place.

If you’re shy, summon the confidence to ask a stranger by putting yourself in their shoes. Wouldn’t you be happy to send a visitor to your favorite restaurant?

Use the ChainWise iPhone App

Find Restaurants Nearby

Use ChainWise to see your favorite nearby restaurants on a map and get directions.

There are hundreds of restaurant apps but only one of them eliminates the time and hassle of searching through unfamiliar restaurants full of reviews that are both love and hate. You’re hungry now!

The new Chainwise app is free on the App Store. Simply choose your favorite restaurants the first time you open it and then you’re forever just a couple of taps away from finding a meal you know you love. Every US city is covered and you can even set a price range. I’m partial to this app when I want to find restaurants near me.

Ask Your Social Network

Ask for restaurant recommendations on Facebook or Twitter. You might be surprised by how knowledgeable your friends are about towns and cities you didn’t know they ever visited. When you use Yelp for reviews, you can’t be sure if that glowing review is actually from the owner. Your friends and followers are far more reliable and will be eager to point you toward some of their favorite dining spots.

That’s How I Find Restaurants Near Me. How About You?

Do you have a better way to find restaurants nearby? We would love to hear it! Fill out the form to send us a note and we may include it in the list.

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