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November 2015 - ChainWise

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Making the Best Restaurant App for iPhone

November 10, 2015 | By | No Comments

What are we up to? Oh, glad you asked. We’re working hard to make┬áthe second version of ChainWise the best restaurant app on the iPhone! Here are all of the details we can provide right now.

But First…

I wanted to add a quick note to thank all of our users for their enthusiastic support. We have been able to stop paying for advertising because you guys are telling all of your friends that ChainWise is the best restaurant app out there. Our user base has skyrocketed in the last few months and we’ve received more compliments than support tickets! The increasing popularity of the app is opening up opportunities for us to make larger improvements more often. So thank you!

“How Long Must We Wait?”

We’re working to release an updated version of ChainWise in the next 45-60 days. I’ll post an update here if that estimate changes much, for better or worse.

Best Restaurant App for iPhone

“What Can We Expect?”

Our primary focus is to bring ChainWise up to speed with the new look of iOS 9 and take advantage of the new options that will help you find chain restaurants more easily. There are some great improvements we can make with account management, making it easier for you to create and login to your account.

iOS 9 brought some handy improvements to the GPS and location functions that we are implementing to speed up your restaurant search and give you more reliable directions to the restaurant you choose.

The new version of ChainWise will look sharp with an interface built for iOS 9. It will feature Apple’s new standard fonts and have customized functionality for both iPhone sizes.

Anything Else?

We can’t give many specifics right now but we will post updates as we get closer to the release. It means the world to us that our users are so happy with this restaurant app we’ve built and we’ll continue to work to make it the best app it can be!